Get the facts on 28 different online fax services.

Compare Fax Services

with our “apples to apples” fax comparison chart below. We’ve reviewed 28 different fax services, and have displayed our favorites along with some of the most popular fax services on the web. After spending weeks gathering this information, we’ve compiled it in this easy-to-digest fax comparison chart so you have all of the information you’ll ever need to compare fax services and make an informed decision… whether it’s for business, or just personal use.



Compare Fax Services


Compare Fax Services


Compare Fax Services


Compare Fax Services


Compare Fax Services

Compare Fax Services

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Ease of use See Fax Review See Fax Review See Fax Review See Fax Review See Fax Review See Fax Review
Web Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Software Download? Optional No No Optional Optional No
Free Trial 7 Days 30 Days, 5 pages 30 Days Sample Fax by Email 14 days No
Setup Fee Free Free Free $10.00 – $19.95 Free $9.99
Monthly Fee $9.99 – $59.99 $4.99 – $69.99 $7.95 – $40.95 $16.95 – $19.95 $15 – $179 $9.99
Free Page Allotment 500 – unlimited 50 – 2000 50 – 2500 150 – 200 175 – 2,500 300
Overage cost 3.9 – 5.9 cents 10 cents / page 3 cents / page 10 cents / page 10 cents / page 12 cents / page
Toll-Free/Local Numbers Either Local Either Either Toll-Free Either
Sending Email-to-fax Email-to-fax, web Email-to-fax, web, mobile Email-to-fax, web, app Web, mobile, print-to-fax Email-to-fax, web
Receiving Fax-to-email, web Fax-to-email, web Fax-to-email, web, mobile Fax-to-email, web interface, app Web, mobile, print-to-fax Fax-to-email, web
Notifications Email Email Email, SMS Email Desktop Email
International Yes, rates vary No Charge for US, CA, EU Yes, rates vary Yes, rates vary Not yet Yes, rates vary
Transfer Existing Number N/A No Yes Yes N/A No

Compare Fax Services of over 28 providers

We have researched and reviewed over 28 online fax service providers and compiled the data for you. Due to web constraints we are only able to show you 6 (3 of our top rated and 3 of the most popular) on this page… though you can find a complete list on our Online Fax Services page. Whatever service you choose, helps you compare fax services with our detailed video reviews and writeups.

Compare Fax Services with our indepth video Reviews by Lisa

Check out some of our fax reviews below. Lisa reviews each online fax service from registration to sending a fax with services such as email to fax or by receiving a fax with services like fax to email. If you are looking for a new fax provider, we’ve got all of the information you need to Compare Fax Services right here!

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  1. Joe H Chasko says:

    Nice table. It would be very helpful to have the sometimes exorbitant cost to port your number.

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